Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Year Resolutions

I know that New Year has been and gone over a month ago - but some people are still feeling that the new year is a new start and they are still sticking to their New Year Resolutions.  I know that there are possibly even more people who started out on January 1st with all good intentions and by now those good intentions have been well and truly lost by the wayside and they are long forgotten a 'foolish drunken ideas'.

For those who are still on track - I salute you!

As I have been a therapist for 18 years I have seen hundreds of well meaning new year resolutions come and go and to be perfectly honest I see less than half stick it out to become a permanent change in their lives.

Also as a therapist I know how silly this is particularly when this is dealing with your long term health and wellbeing.  there are far too many people in the western world who do not regard looking after themselves in body, mind and spirit as an important priority.  Many people incredibly see going out socialising and getting their hair coloured as important and when the body starts going wrong and falling apart are all too happy to give responsibility for fixing it to someone else ie their Dr.

Such is the sad sate of the western world today - although it can be argued that as we have been 'nannied' by the governments for so long that many have forgotten how it should be to look after yourself and their is a generation or 2 of younger people who have never done this so they would not know how to if they had to.

So, you can imagine how delighted I am when I hear about young people wanting to learn ancient and old healing arts such as accupuncture, reiki, reflexology and more and more dowsing
Using dowsing to discover and explore the unseen energy world around us is a skill that is becoming more and more popular and to be honest one of my favourites.

Massage tends to be the most popular favourite, but often is only called for once there is a problem.  Instead of keeping the muscles in a good state of health and having a regular treatment most people tend to go into fire fighting mode and expect a fast fix when something has gone painfully wrong.  A regular back massage and learning how best to look after your spine is one of the best things you can do for good health.

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