Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Super Fruits For Good Health

We all know that we are advised to eat at least 5 per day fruits/veggies in order to be in optimum good health but my question is .....

Just how many of us do this every single day?

Come on now be totally honest do you?

Well, if you do I reckon you will be in the minority rather than the majority.

So that being said it does make good sense to maximise what we do eat so that we get the maximum nutritious benefit from what we do eat.

So lets take a look at some 'super fruits' that we can eat ....

acai berry
  • The Acai Berry - Native to central and south America and it has been a tradtional food source for hundreds of years.  The Acai berry is claimed to boost energy, help digestion processes, to improve the skin and heart and to also help in detoxification and weight loss.  Lots of claims and plenty of evidence to show that it really can make a big difference.  It contains Anthocyanins and Flavinoids which are antioxidants which help to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.
  • The Blueberry is native to north America and it is also found here in europe.  Blueberries have high levels of the minerals Manganese,  vitamin B6, and Vitamins C and K and are high in anti oxidants.
  • The Goji Berry - Found in Cina, Mongolia and the Himalayas.  They are rich in antioxidants which particularly help the eyesight, longevity, liver and fertility/sexual function.
  • The Mangosteen - Native to Thailand and Burma.  Mangosteens are rich in anti oxidants collectively known as Xanthones which are thought to have effects against cancer and also anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties.  The only downside to mangosteen is that it is the rind that contains most of these properties so in order to get the most out of this fruit you need to be consuming a puree/juice of the whole fruit not just the inner fleshy part.
  • The Cranberry - As most people know the Cranberry is well documented at being very helpful in the treatment of urinary/bladder conditions.  The Cranberry is a major crop in many parts of north America.  They are eaten fresh, dried, juiced, added to sauces ......  Cranberries contain some of the highest levels of anti oxidants and they are currently under much investigation and trial work to ascertain just how useful they can be.
Good diet is a major part in the quest for good health and coupled with general good care of ourselves and added to complementary therapies they provide a good all round part of well being.

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