Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Home Step Machines

Phew summer is gone and autumn is here - I can hear thousands heaving a sigh of relief as they realize that the fight to get fit for the beach is over for another year.

No more pretending to diet

No more feeble attempts to do exercise

No more having to make excuses for not sticking to the diet (either to yourself or anyone else)

No more needing to look at that bikini with a heavy heart


It need not be like this!

If you just got yourself organised and added in a bit of discipline you could get yourself to be beach ready all year round.

Yes, I know what you are saying and I hear you ....

I do not get time to go to a gym
I do not have the money for monthly membership
I look fat and silly in front of everyone else
I do not have a baby sitter
yada yada yada....

Ok, so how about getting a home step machine then?


Yes, a home step machine...

You can exercise when you like (even whilst watching TV if you like)

You do not need a baby sitter

You do not have monthly gym fees

You do not need to leave the house or find spare time you do not have

You do not need to look 'silly' in front of others.

You DO ...

Get fitter as time goes by

Get a good cardio and stamina workout and get toned as you go

Lose weight and fat as muscle builds

Gain confidence

A home step machine such as the Stamina SpaceMate folding stepper even folds up and stores under your bed - so you cannot even use lack of storage space as your excuse for not getting one!

Go on now, what do you have to lose - apart from maybe those 20lb's you wanted to lost before the summer this year?

Start autumn as if it were the beginning of summer and get fit and lose that weight and imagine how great you will feel hitting the beach in 2013 looking amazing!

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