Friday, 14 September 2012

Getting Fit Over Winter

I have got a friend who always does the same thing - she eats for comfort all winter then come spring she has a massive panic over how she is going to look on the beach and all of a sudden she crash diets like a maniac.

She totally resents the diet, cheats her way through it then sighs and moans how bad she looks in her bikini.

Now, you can argue that I have been born lucky - rake thin.

However, what I will say in my own defence is that if I want to achieve something badly enough i somehow find the necessary will power to get me to where I want to be and if (god forbid) I needed to lose a pound or three in weight then if I wanted to do this that badly I would do whatever it took.

So, back to Jo (or that's what we call her here ) - you see all through winter I have observed that whilst she increases her calorie intake her exercise intake goes down.  In summer she goes out for a run and swims twice a week but winter she hibernates eating her way along.

If she were to simply continue with her exercise regime and cut down on her food a bit this would make a huge difference to her.  I suggested this once and she replied that the weather here in the UK is far too cold, dark and wet to even contemplate it.

That was until she discovered the joys of a step machine.

You see having a step machine in her home (not only that but a portable step machine so no one else knew her little secret) means that she can exercise like being at the gym or out for a run in the privacy of her home.  She can watch the TV whilst she breaks into a sweat and then hide the evidence away for later.  Not as bad as hiding your chocolate wrappers is it?

The cost of buying her stepper worked out less than gym fees over winter and she has got it for next year too.  She recently learned about the new style stepper the elliptical trainer and is now talking of her next purchase with great excitement

She now reports that she loves to exercise in winter and no longer feels bad about eating comfort food as she has a way to easily work off any excess and keep herself trim and fit whilst it rains, snows and does it's best as only english weather knows how.

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