Saturday, 29 September 2012

Warm For Winter


The weather has changed with a vengeance - everything I hate about living in the UK.

It is cold, wet, dark and only October :(

Just the time of year where you decide it is time to switch on your heating to discover that the boiler is broken and the radiators leak.

Which is why we should be more like boy (and girl) scouts and 'be prepared'!

How many people can put their hands in the air and admit to testing all of these things whilst the weather is still ok? (not going to say good here as it is not often that here).

I know, it seems to be a bit of a waste to turn on the heating when the weather is mild especially as the cost of gas and electricity is so high these days.  But surely it is better to do this for a few hours than to discover on a cold dark wet Sunday night that things are not working quite as you hoped?

So, lecture over - what else can we do to make sure that we stay warm and dry this winter and for the minimum cost?

  • Make sure that all our warm winter jumpers are clean and ready - layer up and add more clothes.
  • Buy a second duvet to put on top of the one you already have to save you needing to put heating on in the bedroom.  Not healthy anyway having a warm stuffy bedroom.
  •  Make sure that your loft insulation is as thick as it can be - no point heating your roof and the sky above is there?
  • Are you windows and doors all draft proofed?
  • Have you got double glazing?  No point losing precious energy through single paned windows doors and conservatories.
  • Have you got a good recipe book for soups and stews?  Take time to learn new recipes and to use new ingredients.
  • Have you got a good pair of walking boots to go out for a nice brisk walk to get the blood pumping round your body?
  • Make sure to get a regular hot stones massage - nothing quite like it for warming you to the core. 
  • Make sure that you make a conscious decision to work from home in the coming new year.  You can become a virtual online assistant or provide online marketing services or something similar then you can work from your bed enjoying the view from your window.
Just a few suggestions to help to keep you warm and healthy and to help to keep your heating bills down to a minimum as they continue to rocket skywards ever more.

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