Monday, 24 September 2012

Ways To Stay Healthy In Winter

Here we go again - no sooner have I packed my holiday suitcase with beach and holiday clothes back on the top of the wardrobe than the weather takes a turn.  Not that it needed to turn too much after the summer (or lack of it) we have had this year here in the UK.
Blimey, I think I wore my cropped trousers 3 times and my jumper or a fleece most days.

However, at least the weather was mild enough to be outside to get some fresh air and exercise.  We went for some really great walks (actually the weather was perfect for walking - not too hot and not too wet and cold - just right).  We went out on our bikes and again the weather was just right.  We went to the gym and to the pool - so all in all despite the lack of lounging in the sun type weather we had a good summer.

But, back to the autumn.  The season of settling in and hibernation, the season for getting those last few outside jobs done and the season for getting those nice warm socks out and hats and gloves ready for the ice and frost to come.  I actually love autumn - I love all the seasons for very different reasons but if I had to pick a favourite I reckon it would be autumn.

I love to smell that woody, damp smell where the leaves have fallen and bonfires been lit.  I love to go for walks on a chilly afternoon with my warm coat and hat and gloves on and I especially love to walk along kicking at piles of yellow, orange browny leaves that crackle and crunch underfoot.

But, the colder weather also brings it's own hazards and one of these is the run of winer bugs that seem to plague millions as the weather turns in.  We get sniffles and coughs and winter vomiting.  Yet much of this could be easily avoided or make far less severe if we were a bit more proactive in looking after ourselves and in particular in boosting our immune system.

So, what are some good ways of protecting ourselves over winter?

Well, one of the best ways is by keeping fit and active and resisting the temptation to just trow in the towel and hibernate in the warmth of your home.  Get out and about in the cold sharp fresh air and get the blood pumping round your veins.  Get out your warm hat and gloves and even take a thermos of hot tea.
Get into the gym for a warm up and workout and feel all invigorated and alive when you hit the cold air when you get back outside.
Or….. if going outside is really not your thing then how about investing in a portable step machine so that you can work out at home?

Portable step machines today can be small and discreet so no one need to know your guilty little secret.  They can deliver a workout with a real punch.  If you look at the elliptical trainers - these not only do the up and down of conventional steppers but they also do the side to side motion you get from say skiing or cycling.  You get a really deep workout using muscles you either did not now you had or forgot you had years ago.

With a portable step machine workout you get the muscle exhausting workout you need combined with the card vascular pump workout your heart needs to stay strong and healthy.

So, stop revelling in being unhealthy this winter - you do not need to leave the comfort of your own front room to get fit and strong and the best thing is that no one else need know your little secret of healthy success.

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