Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Step Machine Review - Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

I do not know about you but I for one have noticed over the last 2 weeks how the nights have begun to draw in.  Just 2 weeks ago we enjoyed the last barbecue of the year where we were able to enjoy sitting out in the garden until well after dark and not be chilly at all.

Now just 2 short weeks down the line autumn has arrived.  The mornings are albeit bright and sunny for the most part but chilly, the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier.

Time to begin to draw in and hibernate for the long process of winter.

This is the time of year where leaving the house after teatime holds no appeal for many people whatsoever.  What may have seemed like a good idea at one time no longer seems that when it is cold and dark and often raining.  No more going out for a run in the warm balmy air of the english early evening.

So, this brings me to the subject of still being able to keep fit and healthy over the winter months.

I have recently been looking at portable step machines as a method of getting a good regular workout for both muscles and my cardiovascular system.  In particular I have been drawn to several models that look to have the best of all worlds ......   

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Now the reason this one caught my eye is that it is a double whammy - it is an elliptical trainer which means not only do you get an up/down step workout but also a side to side skiing/cycling one.  It has got variable resistance settings so as you get fitter your workout gets harder and will make you aware of muscle groups you never imagined you had :)

This means that you get a much better and deeper workout.  I am all for getting more value out of the same effort. I particularly loved this one too as it simply stashes away under the bed or in a cupboard and no one need be any the wiser about your little secret need they?

This really does seem to be a Rolls Royce of step machines and being priced round about the $50 mark is extremely good value for a very sturdy heavy duty piece of home gym equipment. 
Not only that it even has an integrated computer with an LCD display so that you can monitor your workout and keep track of previous ones.

You can even work out with your arms and upper body as there are also some exercise bands for the upper body.  This really can be a whole body workout in the comfort of your sitting room.

Another reason I am drawn to portable step machines is that you can be doing other things whilst working out - I am a great advocate in multi tasking and working out is a chore to me so the fact that I can be listening to my Ipod or watching TV makes it slightly more tolerable to do.

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