Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adjustable Mattresses

If you have been taking any notice at all to my previous posts then you will understand that I am rather passionate about the virtues of the electric adjustable bed.

You will know that I think that it should be law that we all get one and maybe if we did there would be far less back pain and back problems and injuries and therefore far less valuable time lost to sick days and the like.

So, today I thought I would tackle the subject of the adjustable bed mattress because as you get a choice it can sometimes be confusing as you are not sure which one to choose and why to choose it so here we go....

  • Memory foam adjustable mattress - Memory foam is exactly what it says it is in that it moulds to your body shape - whereas, a sprung mattress just stays flat.  The foam is not a good place for bed bugs and the like to be able to flourish and the open foam structure allows circulation of air so you do not overheat whilst in bed.  Memory foam is excellent for use with an adjustable bed frame.

  • Pocket sprung mattress - Unlike the traditional sprung mattress the pocket sprung one has got hundreds of individual springs each in its own fabric pocket.  These all work individually not as a whole as as such a pocket sprung mattress works well with an electric adjustable bed frame.  If you are used to rolling into your partner on a night then think again as this is not going to happen with a pocket sprung mattress.

  • Latex mattresses - As the name suggests these are made from 'natural' latex.  Latex is excellent as a mattress at it naturally adjusts to the body shape and pressure therefore giving a high level of comfort and support.  Latex is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungi and moulds.  You need to be sure that the 'latex' mattress you buy is 100% 'natural' latex.

  • Combination mattresses where the mattress may be latex but it may also have a topper of memory foam or reflex foam are also available.
Whichever mattress you choose to invest in for your adjustable beds you can be assured that they will give you far more support than a traditional 'sprung' mattress that you more than likely already have on your 'flat' bed.  An adjustable bed is exactly what the Dr ordered to help to keep you and your body in tip top condition for many years to come.

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