Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Taking Time For Yourself

Having been a therapist for over 17 years it often occurs to me to wonder why other therapists take so little care of themselves yet on the other hand they expect so much of their clients.

back pain
Case in point - a really close friend of mine who is also a therapist has had a back problem for months and months and did nothing about it - can you believe it?  Only when the pain started to get really unbearable did she decide to take action and as it had got so bad this had to be massive action.  She had a first treatment and boy she suffered for days, she had a second and it started to ease up a wee bit.  To be honest it is only after the 5th treatment that she is starting to feel any real benefit and progress.

The moral of the tale here is if you are in a position where you make recommendations to others than make damn sure that you practice all you preach.  If you do not then it kind of makes you not only look rather silly but it also makes you a hypocrite.

It really does not matter what treatment you opt to have as long as it works well for you and is appropriate to your problem.  So for instance if you have got painful back muscles then oil massage may be just what the Dr ordered, if you have got persistent IBS or recurrent Migraine then Reflexology might just fit the bill.  If I have got a client who finds it difficult to commit to one particular treatment then I make them do some homework before they come along and I find that Youtube has got some excellent videos to 'show you what' - here is a great on one Reflexology that I often use.

I also find that there are some really excellent websites that have some very good information to help clients - the more they can find out about their problems the more empowered they become so sites such as The Huffington Post, Wiki, are really good sources of quality information.
I love to use this particular article too as it explains just why it is important to get regular massage and it helps to get them into the mindset of this too.

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