Friday, 15 June 2012

Do You Care For Your Back?

Well do you?

Or, are you one of the millions of people who gives little regard to their back until ........ one day you injure it and then you are in so much pain you would do almost anything to put it right?

Well, if this is you then you are in the majority as most people take their spine and back totally for granted.  They do not get regular massage to ensure that the muscles are kept as knot free and mobile as possible, they do not sit in ergonomically designed chairs, they do not watch their posture and they do not watch how the lift and haul heavy objects around.  And ..... even worse the bed they sleep in is
an unsupportive 'flat' bed - just like the majority of people sleep in.

So, I have got a question for you???

Is your body 'flat' or does it have curves?

Too right it has curves!

So ........... why sleep a curved body on a flat bed (even though it might have a mattress with some padding to help to compensate for this)?

The human body needs support particularly when we are lying down and the natural curves of the head, neck, spine, hips and knees all need extra support and ...... (this is the important bit) they all need different support!

So..............why sleep a curved body on a flat bed?

Now an electric adjustable bed does just that and it does it in these 5 key areas and does it in such a way that anyone can get comfy by setting what must be an unlimited number of combinations of settings.

So just for instance say you suffer from leg oedema and need your legs raising up - you can raise them as much or as little as you need.  Say you suffer from a Hiatus Hernia or get Gastric Reflux well simply raise the head of the bed and chest area.

Say you want to sit relaxing in bed to watch a movie or read a book (we all know what it is like propping yourself up with pillows) - simply set the bed to suit you and you will be perfectly comfortable for hours......

Here in the UK we have got plenty of adjustable bed companies and one of the biggest is here at Oakdale Beds

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