Friday, 29 June 2012

Natural Pain Relief

Dealing with pain when it hits is something we all want to deal with quickly and effectively.  however, we do not always want to use 'artificial' methods of pain relief and more than ever today we look for different types of natural pain relief.

I have always looked to complementary therapies to help my health and have found some of these to be invaluable for me.  In particular I find that Reflexology is so good for many different complaints that as far as I am concerned it is a totally under rated therapy and should be used far more than it is.

One of the best uses for Reflexology for me is in first aid situations with things like headaches and anxiety attacks and the beauty of using Reflexology is that you can use the hands or feet and in using the hands no one actually has any idea what you are doing.  It can be so very discreet and yet so very effective.

This is a video we found on Youtube that is excellent at showing you how to use reflexology in a headache situation - just watch it and see what we mean.

My Reflexologist recommends that really to get the best out of the treatment it should be done on a regular basis and this means that the body is kept in a permanent state of balance and harmony and because of this there is a much lower chance of problems occurring.  The better we look after ourselves in health the less likely we are to suffer health problems in the future.

What she also recommends is having a good diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and clean water to drink, plenty of fresh air and exercise and taking an active interest in our structural well being.

By this I mean posture and this means making sure we are standing straight, making sure our furniture supports us properly and making sure we sleep in a good supportive bed that allows us to rest as we should every night.  There is a good site over at that explains very well why we should take more care when choosing our beds.

Taking care of our health should be a high priority and should be ongoing even when we feel we are in tip top health - this way it becomes more difficult to fall ill when we are in the best of health.

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