Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Trip To The Physio

For the last 16 months I have had a hip pain - nothing that makes me cry out but one of those insidious toothache type nagging pains that is always there lurking just under the surface.

My Dr gave me it a fancy name and some painkillers and off I went.  The next stop off point was the Podiatrist who gave me some very nice inserts for my shoes and off I went again.
Of course neither of these worked to any great degree :(  and I kind of lived with the pain for the next few months.

So, eventually (just last night) I visit the physio who agrees with the quacks diagnosis but not with the treatment regime.  You see a good physio has far more working knowledge of joints and muscles than the average GP and as they specialize in just sorting out aches and pains they are rather good at it.

I knew that the physio would spare me no mercy on the painometer and he did not - in fact the first time he 'hit the spot' I very nearly hit the roof.  Talk about a 'trigger point'!

He kept on at the spot for what seemed like forever but as the minutes clicked by the pain was less intense as the muscle gradually gave in to his pressure.  As I left his clinic just last night there was a marked improvement on the last 18 months of discomfort and pain.  There is no way I am not going to do my daily exercises now.

So, what else could I be doing to help this muscle to recover properly?
Well, not damaging it in the first place might be a good starting point I suppose :(
But as it is now a damage limitation exercise ...
Ahh well nature heals and I suppose that I have had it for long enough so a few more weeks should not hurt any more than it already does.  The moral of this particular tale I suppose is get it sorted right from the start.

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