Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Why An Electric Bed?

So... How well did you sleep last night?

Did you sleep right through like a new born babe?
Did you struggle to drop off and wake feeling groggy today?
Did you drop off quite quickly and wake rather too early?

So, do you feel rested this morning?

We get to spend approximately one third of our lives in bed - yes one third!
One third of our lives on the same piece of furniture that we usually choose with the same amount of consideration as buying the cat a new bed.
The one third of our time where we are at our most vulnerable, most trusting, and where our bodies need to most help and support and comfort.

We sleep and we heal and we rejuvenate and we should wake feeling refreshed, happy and healthy.

But, how many of us wake feeling great?

Not many!

So what can be done?

Well think about it.......

Most people sleep in a flat bed albeit it maybe has got an 'orthopaedic mattress' but nevertheless the bed is flat.
We struggle to get ourselves comfortable for sleep and prop ourselves up with pillows and props then spend some of the next 8 hours wriggling around moving position trying to get and stay comfy.

We wake once we have been sleeping often because we need to change position or maybe we ache?
Then, it's time to get up and the alarm sounds like a fire claxon!!!!!!!!

Agggh ... we feel like we have been in the ring with Mike Tyson and come off very badly.

Most sleep disturbance is comfort related (or even worse .... partner comfort related) and with the right sort of support and comfort it can be avoided completely.

This is why buying the 'right' sort of bed is so vitally important because it gives us the support we need and having this level of support gives us the quality and quantity of sleep that is essential for us to be fit well and in tip top health.

Electric adjustable beds are the ultimate in ideal sleep solutions.  An adjustable frame and mattress that gives the right level of support everytime to the head, neck, spine, hips and knees is just what the human body needs to make the conditions perfect for a perfect nights sleep every night.

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