Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Taking Responsibility For YOU

In the 21st century we have it easy, easier than ever before.

Now I can see you asking - 'What'?

Well just think about it ......

We feel ill so we go to the Dr, we get tooth ache we goto the Dentist......
In fact actually beginning to take responsibility for ourselves really is not the easiest option as we now have a culture of expecting others to pick up the pieces and sort our lives out for us.

However, if we do take back responsibility and commit to looking after ourselves better then we not only feel better physically but mentally too it makes us far stronger.

So, how can we start?

Well quite simply the best way is to commit to being healthier and we can do this in a number of ways.....
  • We can look at our diet and make the choice to eat more healthily, to cut down on rubbish and processed food.
  • We can do regular exercise and make this part of our routine
  • We can look at our bodies and see which parts maybe need a little bit of help to become strong and functioning again.
Being a therapist I have a huge interest in this and as much as possible I recommend to my clients that they look after themselves better.

One of the major problems I deal with on a daily basis is the fact that people do not look after their physical body and they come to visit my clinic expecting us to do miracles for them instead of them having looked after themselves properly.

I get to see literally hundreds of people every year who suffer with back pain and yet there is so much that they could have done to stop it becoming as bad as it does.

One of the main things we recommend is getting a really good supportive bed - just think about it we get to spend approx. one third of our lives in bed and yet how many of us treat the bed purchase as the most important piece of furniture we buy?

So, here is what we recommend
  • Adjustable beds are going to be the most supportive beds money can buy because they will give tailor made support to the 5 key areas that need extra support whilst lying down.  These are the head, neck, hips, knees and spine
  • An adjustable bed will make getting into and out of bed far easier as the back can be raised up to give good support
  • Adjustable beds are great for anyone with arthritis, aches and pains, hiatus hernia and gastric reflex, snoring, asthma .... I could go on for pages with this
  • Adjustable beds need not be wildly expensive either as there are online companies who do not have the huge overheads of needing a showroom and staff and therefore cost savings are passed directly to the customer - take a look at the Electric Bed Co 
Adjustable beds are not a luxury item in terms of cost but in terms of comfort and support they truly are one of the most luxurious pieces of furniture you can ever invest in.

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